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Special Feature: “the harp with a mohawk”! the amazing "Single-Action" mechanism The common medium harp has a mechanical  lever (on each string) that raises the tone of that  single string one semi-tone. For a harp this size,  that would be 33 levers. Generally, these levers  would only be accessible to the left hand. The Douglas Joy "Single-Action" harp has  only seven levers. These levers are located on  top of the neck, in the harmonic-curve. The first  lever (closest to the player) is B. Actuating this  lever raises the semi-tone of all the B strings.  The subsequent levers are: A, G, F, E, D, and C. Actuating each of these levers raises the semi-  tone for all of its related strings (except for the  two lowest strings, which are not controlled by  the action). Therefore, this harp requires only  one movement to change a semitone on all  strings (of a certain note), as compared to five required movements on a common lever harp. Additionally, these levers are equally  accessible to either hand. Finally, this harp can be tuned to allow for a  variety of flat and sharp tones, complimenting  a large array of music genres.
Specifications   Height: 44 inches without the legs; suitable for playing while sitting on a low stool, to 54 inches with legs; suitable for playing while sitting on a chair.   Woods are Spruce, Maple and laminate products selected for their resonate qualities. Others woods and custom decorations are available by special order.
Arsalaan Fay, Harp Builder playing a harp with Camac or other levers (We also build these if desired) Since 1981 with Mildred Dilling, since 1983 in her memory For more details, please contact:    www.DouglasHarpCo.com     dharps@juno.com     941-445-2208  North Port, Florida
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